Welcome to Charfield Angling Association

Small stream fishing on The Little River Avon

Charfield Angling Association (CAA)

Fishing on CAA waters is suited to active anglers who enjoy the challenges of small river fishing for Brown Trout and Grayling (plus the occasional Chub and Roach) using fly and classic bait fishing methods on a catch & release basis.  The CAA does not stock the river as our focus is on maintaining a self sustaining, natural fishery and wildlife corridor.

The public part of this site provides brief information and a place for potential new members to record their interest in joining. The members area holds Association documents for reference (including the information on all Beats, Health & Safety assessments, insurance details, the Association's Constitution, plus materials from the last AGM). 

Many members use the CAA Facebook Group to share fishing reports, etc.

If you are interested in joining the Association please provide your details using the Contact page.  Membership is limited (to control pressure on the river).  There is currently a waiting list with Senior Membership full.  The Membership Secretary will make contact when a vacancy arises.  There are vacancies for Junior Members.  Senior Members who have submitted a Catch Return for the previous year may request a one-day Guest Ticket for a friend or family member to accompany the Member to fish the Associations waters.  

CAA river stewardship activities in 2019

- Riverfly surveys completed:  9 results reported = Mixed.  Mainly Ok but we did have 1 under-threshold finding (Nov, Damery) which was reported to the EA.  Subsequent survey a week later was on threshold, not great but not reportable;

- Water quality assessments: = Not great.  Beat 3 Moderate ecological status.  Beat 1 Moderate ecological status.  Ozleworth Brook & LRA Moderate; True LRA (Beat 7) Poor (elevated Phosphates/Nitrates).

- Plastic/rubbish removed:  6 sack loads = good effort, but sad we have to do it;

- Himalayan Balsam removal:  5 Weds evening pulling sessions completed.  Plants pulled during HIWPs/while fishing = thousands of plants;

- Poaching:  2 incidents reported.